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April 25, 2009

Clayton and his teeth....

Last week our little boy had all his teeth and now he is minus two. He is so proud of the fact that he has lost two teeth. If he keeps this up he wont be able to eat anything and not to mention break the tooth fairy.

DSC 0401
The little man with a full set of teeth.

DSC 0002
And minus two.........

Finally got it done.........

So I have wanted to put some vinyl lettering up in my house for awhile I finally got it done. A few months ago I cut out one of the saying and well that's as far as it went things got really busy and I just did not get it put up. Well I made the time and it's up and I even cut some more out and got all of it up to. I thought I would share a few pictures of my work.

DSC 0003
This is my favorite saying I put it in the dinning room.

DSC 0004

This one is above my front door.
DSC 0008

And I finally finished the boys room I have wanted to but this saying in there for the longest time but they always wanted so much money for it. So I did it myself and saved so much money. And yes that is a very yellow wall I know but there room is the colors of a John Deere tractor it's so cute.
DSC 0005

Here are a few more pictures of their room so you can get a better picture of it if you have not actually seen it in person. Although it looks much better in person.

DSC 0006

DSC 0007

Horsing Around........

Today we went out to the Shaggy Nag Horse Composition. This was Miss MaKayla's first time to participate in something like this and she had such a good time and did so good. It was a great learning experience for her and she took SECOND place we are so proud of her!

Makayla being judge at comp
Miss MaKayla being judged in the arena

Second Place
Her Second place ribbon. Great job Sis!!!

Makayla and Hey barn
Miss MaKayla & Hey Barn

Boys on Hey Barn
The boys on Hey Barn

The kids getting into there yummy treats.......
DSC 0492

DSC 0513

DSC 0514
Miss MaKayla


Well Easter has come and gone and like normal I'm way behind on posting. We had a great Easter weekend. The kids colored eggs on Saturday afternoon and had three Easter egg hunts on Sunday. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

DSC 0081
Carson finding eggs

DSC 0094
Yep the Easter Bunny Stopped by to see the kids.

DSC 0129
Clayton and his finds

DSC 0130
Miss MaKayla

DSC 0132

DSC 0139
The gang

DSC 0144
Kimmy & Jake

DSC 0156
Mr Jake happy as can be.....

DSC 0165
The Kids & The Easter Bunny

DSC 0228

DSC 0229

April 7, 2009

Wrestling in American Falls

Can't tell that I'm a proud mama can you! The boys have done so well wrestling this season I have a feeling there will be many more years to come. This was their last tournament of the season. Clayton took 2nd place and Carson took 3rd place. Clayton did really good his second match he had to wrestle a boy that had wrestled 2 or 3 years. So he was a little upset that he got pinned so fast but after explaining it to him he understood what had happened. I'm just so proud of both of the boys and really enjoy watching them wrestle.

Carson's 1st match
DSC 0001

DSC 0002

DSC 0023

Clayton's 1st match
DSC 0028

DSC 0036

DSC 0045

Carson's 2nd match
DSC 0046

DSC 0050

DSC 0060

Clayton's 2nd match
DSC 0071

DSC 0072

The winnings and they were very proud of it!
DSC 0079

Hawaii Trip Part 5

We were able to take a whale watching tour while we were in Hawaii. It was amazing to be truthful this had to be my favorite part of the trip. I took so many pictures about 450 or so the whales were so active and got really close to the boat at times. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

DSC 0505

DSC 0537

DSC 0539

DSC 0559

DSC 0718

DSC 0726

DSC 0781
This whale was right next to the boat it was amazing.

DSC 0821

Hawaii Trip Part 4

These picture are all taken on a walk we took around the resort we were staying in. Right below the resort many years ago there was a golf course and another resort that has since been shut down and is no longer running. It was really interesting to go explore those grounds.

DSC 0338
One of the walking paths through the golf course.

DSC 0339
A banana tree I had never seen one before in person.

DSC 0342

DSC 0351

DSC 0352

DSC 0386