You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

June 23, 2009

Road Trip to Yellowstone

Yep another road trip last weekend we loaded up and went into Yellowstone with some of the people Tyson works with. It was the prefect way to spend Fathers Day at least I think so. It was a big group a total of 18 people and 4 vehicles. We went into Old Faithful and watched it go off and stopped by a few geysers throughout the day. We found a picnic area and had lunch with everyone. All the kids had a snowball fight fun stuff! We made a stop at The Falls I can not remember the name of it but it was beautiful. It was a fun packed day we had such a great time with everyone. It's not often that we are able to do thing with everyone from work. We all loaded up and headed out of the park on the way home we stopped in Ashton and ate dinner with the whole group what a great way to end the day! We hope to be able to plan another trip with everyone we had a blast. Here are a few picture of the adventure.
Old Faithful
Family Picture

Mr Boss man had to be in this picture! :-)
The back side of the gang
The three cars ahead is our group.
Group Picture the whole gang(what a good looking group of people)!
This is the end result of our road that are way to tired to even get into bed. Even to tired to take off his shoes. Got to love it does not happen that often!

Graduation Time

I'm way late on posting this but better late then never. The boys graduated for kindergarten at the 1st of June. They both put on great programs. Here are a few pictures of the night.



Sun Valley Road Trip

The weekend before last we went on a road trip to Sun Valley. It's just great to pile in the truck and go for a ride with no plans on where you will end up at the end of the day. We started the day out by stopping by the Creators of the Moon visitors center and looked around for awhile. By the afternoon we ended up in Sun Valley/Hailey. We walked around town for an hour or so and ended up eating lunch. After lunch we hit the road again we were just going to head back to Blackfoot but when we hit the junction we decided to head toward Twin Falls. Like I said road trips are great you just never know where you will end up. On the way to Twin we seen a sign that said ice caves we decided to investigate. We ended up taking a tour through the ice caves the kids thought that was great to go into a cave. After walking through the cave we made our way to Twin. By this time it was about 7 in the evening and time for dinner so we made our way to Shoshone Falls and grilled some hamburgers for dinner. We spent a little time looking at the Falls before heading home for the night. It was a great trip we all enjoyed ourselves.


This is what happens when they are tired of playing the lay down in the outfield. Their attention span is not that long.

Okay so some of you may not think this is as funny as I do but here you go. The story behind this picture is Clayton was trying to do # 1 well he just ended up doing the wrong # 1 and yes everyone on the field and watching seen him do this he was on the pitchers mound at the time. Oh well kids do things like this time to time.







Alright it has taken me longer then expected but here are the t-ball pictures that I promised. Well back to work my lunch is over. I will hopefully post more tonight about our adventures but please don't hold your breath it may not happen!

June 11, 2009

Just a little update....

So we have been really busy these last few weeks that I have not found anytime to sit down and post. The kids are finally out of school thank goodness well at least for the homework issue but now the checkbook is hurting due to more going out for daycare costs it's a no win situation I think. We had the boys graduation programs we went to which was really neat to watch but unfortunately the same night and time MaKayla had her Idaho History program as well that we were unable to attend but a big THANKS goes out to Grandma Herres and G.G for attending for us they said it was a really good program. MaKayla has been really busy with horse 4-H and now has started attending some day camps through the 4-H office. The boys are in T-ball and are really enjoying this. On the other hand they may be enjoying it but me on the other hand (really bad to say) at this moment am not enjoying it. The weather has not been very nice at all. We are going on 2 weeks of rain now and it has been really cold. Last night for example and I can't believe I'm telling anyone this but here I was so cold and windy last night at T-ball the clouds were so dark and it looked like it could rain at any minute. Deep down I was hoping that it would start to rain or lightening so they would call the game and we could get out of there. Don't get me wrong I love to watch them play it is so fun but it was so cold. Well it happened it started to lightening and they called the game I was so grateful for that. When they called the game I was like yes we will get out of here and not get wet. Well walking back to the truck it start to rain we were so wet by the time we got to the truck.......I guess that's what I get for hoping for something to happen so we could go home early. Anyways on to another subject the past two weeks MaKayla and I celebrated our Birthdays so we had a couple of parties which was fun unfortunately I have been horrible with my camera and did not capture either party with my camera. When I get a few more minutes I will post some pictures of the boys graduation and t-ball. Well until next time!