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November 29, 2009

I promise no more pictures......

well for a little while I will spare you the pain of anymore pictures. Sorry for the overload but I took so many pictures to the sum of about 1000 or so. Hope everyone is well!

Saturday Pictures......

I had to take this picture for Carson

Lake Tahoe
Now every time we talk about it Tyson reminds me I stole pine cones from there
Yes I did take pine cones but they were so big and pretty and they were in the street!

Friday Pictures.......

Dantes View

Thursday Pictures.......

The Chapel

Wednesday Pictures......

Tournament of the Kings

Mr Shark at the Shark Reef

Jelly Fish

Tuesday Pictures........

Hoover Dam

More Tuesday Pictures............

Be prepared for Picture overload..........Sorry!

Inside Caesars Palace shopping area the ceiling was awesome!
The Toy Shop with the Troy Horse!

I thought this was cool looking in the Bellagio

Monday Pictures........

On our way to Vegas. Virgin River Canyon AZ

We're Home!

We got back on Sunday and boy were we glad to be home. Being gone for a week it is sure nice to climb into your own bed. It has taken me a few weeks to get this posted. We went to Las Vegas and stayed Monday to Friday morning what a place is all I can say. There are tons of people, lots of traffic, and so much to look at! By Friday we were ready to go I don't think either of us could have walked anymore. There is so much to see and do we just scratched the surface. Here's the break down of what we did not so much for every ones benefit but for my benefit so I don't forget everything that we did.


We pull into Las Vegas took the wrong exit ended up being pushed off into the Bellagio's unloading area due to road construction. Shirley (GPS) diverted us and we finally made it to the correct location. Got the truck parked and checked into the hotel Monte Carlo. Found the room and boy it was a long walk down to the room it was on the 30th floor thank goodness for elevators and at the very, very end of the hallway it felt like an endless walk every time. That evening we walked down to the the Excalibur and picked up our tickets for the Tournament of the Kings show. We looked around a little bit and got talked into going and looking at a time share thing the next morning. We will never make that mistake again! But we did get $100 in food vouchers and tickets to Defending the Caveman out of the deal. Took the tram to Mandalay Bay walked around checked things out and made our way to the Luxor all I can say is all these Hotels are huge! We found a buffet and had dinner. After dinner we made our way back to the Excalibur. I love the escalators in Las Vegas they are so cool I know lame but I'm impressed with the smallest of things. We walked through some shops between MGM Grand and the M&M store. We went in the M&M store wow they have tons of M&M stuff. I could have never imagined that they could fill a 4 level store just with M&M stuff. After the M&M store we looked around the Coke store and decided to call it a night. We were so tired my feet hurt so bad they were on fire and it did not help out much that I was sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection but it was a great night.


We got up early and did the time share thing blah blah blah blah! After getting back to the hotel we climbed in the truck to brave the traffic to find the court house. With Shirley's help we found it without a problem. You ask why the court we did not get a speeding ticket.........we needed to get a marriage license yep you heard me right a marriage license we were getting married on Thursday and needed to get one. Surprise! WE GOT MARRIED! After getting the license we took a drive to Hoover Dam it is beautiful and the new bridge they are building is just amazing that is the only word I have for it I will post some pictures of it. We headed back to Las Vegas that night we made it a really late night We walked all the way down to TI and watched the show there. Walked through the Flamingo and looked at all the flamingo's in their habitat. We made our way to a buffet called Flavors it was really good and we ate too much. Walked through Caesars Palace my goodness that is one big place. They have got the cuties toy shop in there it has a big troy horse in the front of it. After that we made our way to the Bellagio water show amazing just amazing I could sit and watch that all night long. We walked through the Bellagio and the Conservator that night as well.


Wednesday, Wednesday this is the exact reason I'm writing all this down it is already hard to remember everything that we did. Walked around a little bit and went to the outlet mall and shopped. On the way back we went to the Shark Reef it was pretty neat to look at all the fish they had. That night we went to the Tournament of the Kings show it was so much fun the show was great and who would not like eating dinner with there hands!


Thursday morning we got up and headed to the little white wedding chapel and got MARRIED!!! It was great we were married by Rev. Nature and very flamboyant black lady it was great. After that walked around some more then headed to Defending the Caveman. It was so funny we loved it I think it is a must see. After the show we headed over to the MGM Grand to look at the lion habitat. We had some food vouchers to use at the MGM Grand so we found a restaurant Seablue oh it was so good very expensive but so worth is the vouchers did not even cover half of the meal but if we had to do it over again we would it was so yummy! That night we went back down to the Bellagio's water show I wanted to watch it again before we left town on Friday morning.


We left Las Vegas and drove through Death Valley it was neat to look at. And drove into Gardnerville to stay the night. Lots and lots of driving.


Drove up to Lake Tahoe and looked around for awhile. Then Drove into Carson City to find Carson something with Carson City on it. We headed to Reno then on to Elko to stay the night. This day included tons of driving as well.


We got up and made our way back home.

It was a great trip some much needed time away from everything. Some time alone which we don't get very often. What I'm going to do is post picture of each day in different posts. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

November 6, 2009

Updates, Updates

So it seems to me anymore I never have enough time to post stuff.. I'm always working, filling orders, doing stuff with the kids, house stuff, been going to the gym with one of my girl friends and the list goes on and on! So I decided that I better just sit down and get a move on it before I get to far behind on my posts. Better late then never don't you think. Life has been crazy lately but who's life isn't?

Yesterday I went and waited in line to get the kids their H1N1 vaccination. It was not all that bad it could have been a whole lot worse. They handed out tickets and you did not have to stand in line the whole time you just had to be there when your number was called. I was there about a total of 2-2 1/2 hours we were number 117, 118, 119. Glad I went in early they did about 1600 vaccinations yesterday. Got them all taken care of and then took them to lunch and back to school.

We are finally taking a vacation! Yes I'm so excited we will be gone all next week it is a much needed vacation. So no posts from us for a week or so but even if I was home I don't think I would have time to post I really need to get better at this and post at least once a week I will just have to keep trying practice make perfect :-) Once we get back I will try and make time to post all our vacation pictures. Well until then see ya..............

Halloween Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the kids from Halloween. Makayla was a cute little lady bug and the boys were good old cowboys. Their cousin Jake was Elmo. They had a great time on Halloween well except for Clayton's trip to the Dr (read the post below). They got tons of candy and will be on a sugar high for weeks!
They are all such good buddies!
Little Miss Lady Bug


It's that time of year again the boys are back in wrestling and are loving it. They are doing so well. They had a tournament on Saturday the 31st in Shelley. They were both able to wrestle 3 times that day Clayton took 2nd and Carson took 3rd.



ClaytonDaddy and Clayton

They also had another tournament last night in Idaho Falls. They did so well Clayton took 3rd and Carson took 2nd. Carson had to wrestle a kids for our team that has been wrestling for a few years now and is really good. Last year when the boys had to wrestle him they got pinned really fast. But last night Carson went all three round and was not pinned he did so well he lost the match in points but he held his own and has improved so much this season from last season.

New addition to the family

Well 4 weeks ago we added a new addition to the family. We got a new puppy(well tyson got a new puppy) his name is Bo he is Olde English Bulldog. He is so fun and has a great personality. The kids love him and Bubba Makayla's dog loves to play with him as well.

Bo the puppy

I'm not going to chew on the carpet.......gotta love puppies for that....hahaha

Bubba and Bo playing around

New Puppy + Boy = This

Well on Halloween night we had a not so happy thing happen but that is life and things happen. So here we go I will show you what happened in pictures.

A trip to the Doctors office to be glued back together. We were getting ready to walk out the door to go trunk or treating when Clayton picked up the puppy when doing this he hurt the puppy and he turned around and nipped Clayton on the lip. So we had to make a mad dash to the clinic to get him glued back together. All is well now and everyone survived.