You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

February 3, 2010


A few weeks ago we went out for a ride with Brandon my brother-in-law. We went to a place right before you come into Ashton I love the name of the loop we took it was Jackass Loop just love it. We had a great time here are a few pictures of the event.




Too Funny......

The other night Tyson asked Clayton to go grab his sweat pants off of our bed. Next thing we knew he was upstairs with Tyson's sweat pants on. He was nothing but pants he had them pulled up all the way to his neck. We laughed so hard funny little boy!

If the cars a rockn'

The kids love to rock out to music in the car. A lot of the time they can get the car or truck rocking back and forth if we are stopped and a red light. So if you see us at a light and the vehicle is rocking back and forth the kids are rockn' out to the music. It is so funny to watch and we have got a lot of funny looks from people because of this!