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November 9, 2010

News on the tooth(s)

Well Cars Man made it but they ended up pulling both front teeth because more than likely the other one was going to do the same thing and this way they only have to give him one shot and do it all in one visit. He was a champ and is doing awesome! Sorry for the up the noise shot it was the only way I could get a good picture. Now the way is clear for the permanent ones to come in.


Hello all! We are sitting here in the dentist office waiting for Mr Cars to see if he needs one off his teeth pulled. Poor little guy having teeth pulled is never fun but his permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth. So i have a few minutes to update the blog. Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner boy where does the time go. We got the first snow here yesterday and it is suppose to snow again tomorrow I'm so happy I just loove the snow. One of the gals made me a picture yesterday that I loved it is to funny see below she really does not like the snow all that much. Hope all is well with everyone I will update you on the little mans tooth when we find out.


I'm behind a bit on posting but here is a picture for Halloween. I have more on my camera if i get a moment i will post some more of them.

New Hair

Miss Mk got her hair cut a few weeks again and she is loving it.