You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Here is a shout out to one of the best gals ever. You are amazing and I hope you had a wonderful 20th Birthday! Love you Girl.

awkward & awesome


-being locked out of my own house and i didn't even do it my whole family was in i see were i rank!

-the DOG situation grrrr.....

-having to replant part of my garden and all goes back to the dog situation

-two giddy girls yep Ky and I enough said.


-putting together the best birthday package.....ever!

-surprise visit from the best gal ever!

-my kids all at once erupting into singing all at once as though they planed it my car feels with love, love, love , love it was just awesome!

-my nephews preschool graduation...he is growing up so fast.

-Andes mints.....yummy!


-screaming kids outside running around like mad ask how can that possibly be awesome well they were not in my house doing it so there my friends is the awesome part.

May 20, 2011

Everyone Needs One!

Everyone needs a great gal like this in their life and oh boy she has got to be one of the best friends a gal could have. I have not seen her in a little bit over a month and it has been way to long. She surprised me at work today and we squealed and giggled so much. The gym members were starting to wonder what was going on in the office. I love you Ky!

May 19, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Hmmmm well I guess I better get a move on this and think of something!

-being told by an old lady she was going to come down and make me eat her statement.....good thing I really love my job!
-bad sunburns....ouch
-worst headache in my life.......poor kiddos were on their own last night.
-bossy people wanting donations.....Yes I will donate it's a good cause but don't tell me what I'm going to be donating!
-dumb OSHA training.
-dog jumping the garden fence....he is so lucky I was in a good mood today or he would have been 6 feet under!

-knowing big news even before the boss knows.....that don't happen very often!
-garden planted.....check!
-mom's chemo treatment went awesome and she was not even sick from it hopefully it stays that way.
-kind words from a gal I don't know all that well......but with that said I would like to get to know her better it takes a lot for someone to reach out to someone they hardly know I think she would be a great person to call a friend.
-the lord and all the blessing we are given!

May 16, 2011

Farmers Tan

Oh it was so nice this weekend. We were out all weekend working in the yard it was so wonderful to soak up some of the sun! Today I woke up with a wonderful farmers tan I asked the hubby if farmers tans were in style because I was rockin' a pretty good one! Oh how my arms hurt one of the down falls of summer time.

The Bruise

Well it has been over a week and the bruise is still on my arm. I get asked numerous times a day what I did. Sometimes I would like to just tell them my husband beat me and see what kind of looks I would get but I've been nice and just tell them I got stuck with a needle a few times. Here is a picture of my wonderful arm.

Yep I went all the way to Utah for that! And had to pay for it as well.

My Beautiful Mother

So on Mother's Day mom had come to the decision that it was time to shave her head. Her hair was just falling out left and right from the chemo treatments. So we went down stairs and shaved her head. It was hard to do but looking back on it, it's just hair and it will come back. Miss M took it pretty hard to see Grandma go through this but has adjusted well. My mom seems to be doing pretty good with it now as well. Even with no hair she is still as beautiful as ever! Love you tons Mom! Here's a picture off my mommy.

And you thought I was going to post a picture of her shaved head hahaha Not! If you want to see you have to go see her and ask yourself! This is right before we went down and did it! And she is still as beautiful with no hair!

May 6, 2011

Silly Girl

This girl just cracks me up. I'm surprised I ever get anything done in life with all these goof balls around.

Look mom! Yep oh please girl never facial hair. hahaha

An awkward all on its own!

So Ty and I had just got into the truck and I had some peach rings sitting in the truck (it was 71 degrees outside) and I popped one in my mouth it was the most yucky slimy gross thing ever. I guess the hubby didn't see my reaction to this because I turned to him and asked if he wanted one so he popped one right in his mouth his reaction was priceless. We are so just like kids you smell something gross and then turn to your sibling and say hey come smell this.

Heart Test

Okay all it's official I have a heart......I know some questioned this at times but the word is that I have one! I went down to Utah yesterday and had the heart test and I will be okay. Got stuck with a needle a few times(three) left a nice bruise behind but it's not that bad. They said I could have a small hole in my heart but it is not large enough to repair they would do more damage trying to fix it. I had some of the bubble cross over to the other side of my heart but not to many and they really could not say if it just came from the lung side or not. So all is well no surgery for me YEA! Although I do have to make a few changes one of which is really yucky. They want me to eat salty food and just more salt in general which I don't have a problem with and drink Gatorade or Poweraide that is the part I'm not looking forward to that stuff is YUCKY. They think one of the reasons I black out when standing is low blood pressure so we will see if that helps or not. So that's all for now. At least it's on the record now the I do have a heart!

A picture of my bruised arm! Oh man that left a mark.

awkward & awesome

Well I'm a day late so just pretend that it is Thursday okay. Okay


  • driving down the interstate and it sounds like it is raining oh no, no rain just thousands of little bugs going splat on the windshield.

  • being called a b*tch by a so can family member ummm not okay! GOODBYE

  • ultrasound gel on your forehead. Yucky

  • being stuck with a needle three times in the arm and the nice bruise it left behind

  • a man with a baby sling on the front of him. I'm sorry but that just don't look right!


  • the great family and friends I'm surrounded by.

  • finding out that my heart is okay for the most part no surgery needed!

  • wonderful days with just my hubby!

  • a visit with my Grandma B and Aunt Dixie I just love those two to death.

  • finding diesel for 4.09 a gallon now that is awesome sad to say that I was excited for that price but it's a lot better than 4.36 or so I hope the price start to come down soon.

  • my mom's 2nd chemo treatment went well again and she only has minimal side effects!

  • not drinking pop for 3 weeks go me! No more of that nasty stuff is going into my body.

  • the ability to block people from you email and facebook! Love that option oh and a heads up in the near future I just may have to lock my blog if a certain person starts checking it again. Just a heads up but don't worry I will send invites out to everyone so you can still read about our crazy life. I just have to keep a certain crazy lady out of my life!

May 1, 2011

Oh Boy

Okay for the most part I try and only post positive things on my blog. But no ones life is perfect and my life is far from perfect but you deal with what you have when you have it and enjoy life to the fullest. So with that being said yesterday I get an email back from someone that I'm related to not that I claim her anymore. I sent out Relay for Life donations emails the other day thinking if someone wanted to donate they would donate and if they didn't they could just delete it and go on with life. Well this person had to reply with some thing hurtful and it just went from there. So in the end I get called a B*tch and told that I'm not fully related to who I think I'm related to blah, blah, blah. But you know that is okay some people in life are just so mean, hateful and hurtful and I'm better off without her in my life not that she was really ever in my life. And you know I'm okay with all this because I has some really wonderful grandmas and the best family in the world. Awww that feels better so now we can get back to all the happy things in life. But just remember my life is not always peaches even though I only post good things on my blog I just choose to be happy in my life and post happy things on MY BLOG! Happy Sunday Everyone!

Miss M cutting cows

The other night Miss M went out to start learning how to cut cows. The horse knows what she is doing and now we are just trying to get Miss M to learning she is doing great she has just got to start trusting the horse and letting her do most of the work. It was great fun to watch and she is doing so well at it.