You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

August 26, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward & Awesome was interrupted by something called LIFE!
and it goes something like this back to school, homework, 3 kiddos, work, filling orders, sleep(very little), green beans, corn, adventure of picking corn with my dad, husband in harvest and much much more.

August 18, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

-picking raspberries and being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
-doing a shimmy and shake in the above stated raspberry patch to get mosquitoes off of me and gracefully tipping over right into the middle of the patch.
-going into the bathroom stall sitting down and having the bathroom door swing open and the lady says don't mean to bother you but and proceeds to talk to me, really I'm trying to go potty and you are talking to me and have the door wide open do you not realize bathroom stalls have large cracks in them and nobody wants to see my bare butt!

-my mom had surgery and it went well she is amazing!
-canning, canning, canning
-getting to see my sissy
-ice cream date with the hubby in the combine. Oh how I love my time with him.

August 14, 2011

Woohoo I'm all updated well for now! Don't mind all the gaps in the below post I tried to fix it and kept making it worse so that's how it stays. Oh well you win some and you lose some hey but I'm all updated!

County Fair

*Warning picture overload*
All three of the kids participated in the county fair this year and they all did wonderful. Here's the run down on how they did.

Miss M
Team Sorting 1st place, Working Ranch 2nd place, Bareback 1st place, Western Equitation 1st place, Halter red ribbon, Reining 6th place, Trail 6th place

Halter red ribbon, Trail blue ribbon, Walk/trot 2nd place, Dummy Roping 5th place

Halter red ribbon, Trail 3rd place, Walk/trot 1st place, Dummy Roping 4th place

All three of the kids are headed to state fair this year. Miss M in 4 events, Clay in 1 event and Cars in 2 events. Way to go kids!

Right before going into the arena for halter they all clean up so good!

Working Ranch and Western Equitation


Team Sorting Champs!

Dummy Roping

Their winnings Miss M bareback, the boys walk/trot

She is a natural and is so dang beautiful!

Miss M riding bareback

Those three boys cute as can be and a very proud mama!

Video of Cars roping

This is Cars learning to rope from a horse.

Video of Clay roping

This is Clay learning to rope from the horse.

Video of Miss M

This is another video of Miss M riding bareback at horse 4-H camp.

Horse 4-H Camp

This year I headed to camp with my mom and the kids it was so much fun I think I will be going from now on. The kids learned so dang much and had tons of fun. Going through the pictures I have lost all the pictures of Miss M I think my mom has a copy at least I pray she does it just makes me sick to think I don't have any of those pictures. So I putting a video up that I took of her. Enjoy!

Cars learning how to rope from the horse.

Driving the mule cart.

Taking a ride in the cart.

Beautiful Miss M with one of her great loves in life her horse sissy. Clay learning to rope from a horse. The boys in one of their classes

Cars in his natural horseman class.

Sleep oh how I miss you.....

This last week I have not went to bed until late every night because Ty has been cutting grain and have not gotten use to him being gone. But last night he was home at a decent time and still I was up until 11:30 while everyone slept what is with that? Then when I finally did crawl into bed I only slept for a few hours until all the neighborhood dogs went nuts (including ours). Finally went back to sleep when the dog jumps up on the bed and lays right on top of me licking himself I mean come on go do that in the living room or something ugh. oh and it does not end there about and hour after that I hear someone walking upstairs I go to investigate it is only miss M doing lord only knows. Crawl my tried butt back into bed and the dog proceeds to jump on and off of the bed several times come on make up you dang mind I'm trying to sleep here. Finally get back to sleep when one of the little men come in and ask if they can watch TV I throw in my towel at that point. I guess sleep will have to wait.

August 12, 2011

Sometimes I just want to scream....

I love my little town so very much but sometimes I wish people would be more excepting and less judgmental. I don't fit the cookie cutter person in this town well what they think is right, but you know what I like it that way. You can live your life the way you want to and I'll live mine the way I want to and it is okay I promise. Many of you know I'm not LDS and never will be but I'm so dang tired of being judged for it I'm a good person that does good things. Yes I have a glass of wine with dinner and so enjoy that and go shopping on Sundays. I know you don't agree with my choices but I'm fine with my choices. Why don't you worry about yourself and not me. One question why your trying to run my life who is running yours? I'm not saying your wrong in the way you live, it just not what I believe and yes let me clarify I do believe in god.

This ones for you ky

So yesterday my mom dropped the boys off at work to me before they came in to see me they checked out who was working at the front desk. We leave at get into the truck and ask me where is Kylee? I explained to them that she no longer worked there because she went back to school. They proceed to tell me oh mom we sure are going to miss Kylee being there. Well at least I'm not the only on that is still upset about the situation. Love you kyky!

August 11, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Wow where did that week go? Well Here I go.......

-drunk man hugging and kissing me on the forehead and not letting go oh man was that bad I could have pasted out just by the smell of beer on his breath.
-stepping on about 8 thorns at the same time talk about wanting to cry but do you think it would teach me to wear shoes outside nope.
-a lady asking me the same question over and over but just in different ways over the course of two days really do you think my answer is going to be different this time? I finally started screening my calls hate to do that but I had to get some work done besides answering the same question over and over.
-butt cracks and underwear.
-Jean shopping with a 12 year old just shot me next time. Skinny jeans really did you just pour yourself into those?
-men scratching themselves in public I mean come on at least make sure no ones looking or take yourself in a corner. We don't want to see that.
-kids that are excited to go back to school like that's going to last maybe a day or until they have to do homework.

-cool summer nights
- green bean, raspberries, apricot jelly and beets yummy!
-the best family in the world!
-the dog that follows me around and lays at my feet and just stay by me. Oh how i love that especially now that the hubby is working long hours.

August 10, 2011

Silly boys

The other day the boys came out of their room with there socks rolled down I just had to laugh not seen this one in years.

August 4, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Wow this week has went by so dang fast......and there is so much more that needs to be done this week. And yep still no updated blog I really need to put that on my to-do list. I promise kyky I will update soon I will try my hardest to get it done. Well on to the thing at hand awkward & awesome Thursday.

- kids picking their nose and eating it what is with that yucky!
-how messy my desk is at work holy cow it's not been this bad for a long time. I'm starting to overflow onto my co-workers desk.
-digging dog.... Damn thing anyways.
-picking raspberries in the heat of the day and having sweat run down some really awkward places. Hmmmm
-people in general......there are a lot of people out there that need to pull their head it of their butt!

-4-H county fair the kids did awesome and 2 of the three kids are headed to state fair. I will post more on that later I promise.
-BBQ with one of my great girlfriends! Love her little family.
-canning raspberries and green beans yummy in my tummy.
-my cute little broccoli and cauliflower in my garden so fun to watch grow!