You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

March 31, 2012

Movie Night

We are having a sleepover/movie night with or nephew. The kids love having their cousin over they all get along so well. We are just settling in to watch Adventures of TinTin.

Mr J had to wear his green glasses to scare any bad guys away that come into the basement. Silly kid. Night all off to watch the movie with the Fam.

Date with the sewing machine

So today I had a long overdue date with my sewing machine. My living room needed some sprucing up so I made a few new pillows and some slip covers for a few pillows as well. I love the way they turned out and just cost a few bucks for a nice change for spring. I miss not having more time to sew I love to do little projects like this. Well until next time sewing machine I will try and not stay away that long again.

Hmmm I think one of the kiddos is slacking on dish duty no more cups.

March 28, 2012

Fun in the snow

Here are a few pictures from our last sled ride the kiddos had lots fun digging in the snow. As one said I'm digging to Russia?!?!? Funny kid.

These are the pictures from my phone when I'm not sitting on my butt on the couch I will get the rest of the pictures and some videos posted. Until then Enjoy

On the to do list

I'm lovin' these window treatments. I think I will do something similar for my sliding glass window since my blinds are broke that are currently up.

Here's a decal that I put up at my moms house a week or so ago she loves it and so do I.

March 20, 2012

Oh Monday, Monday......

Mondays well can we have an extra Friday and forget Mondays all together probably not that would make life to easy and who would want easy ha. My Monday = MADNESS here's the run down

-worked all day what a crazy day Monday can be.
-lunch with my daddy it was a good break from Monday madness
-dinner for the Fam
-homework, reading with the kiddos
-order filling night for the vinyl business
-kids fighting like cats and dogs
-replied to all email for business wow there were a lot.
-wet muddy dog let loose in the house which in turn we had a plugged tub and mud everywhere thanks hubby for cleaning that up
-sinus rinse I'm sorry liquid does not belong up there
-watched one of our shows with the hubby to unwind a bit before going to bed good part but should have went straight to bed
-finally climbing into bed to fall fast asleep after a crazy day. Well that was a no go. It went more like climb into bed to discover the dog puked in it. Ugh

Oh Monday I'm so glad your over for the week. We shall meet again in a week. Please be kinder next time.

March 10, 2012

Tour of Peleliu

While in California we had the opportunity to tour an active Navy ship the U.S.S Peleliu. It was a great opportunity for us and the kids to know someone to be able to do this. It was very educational for all of us. We don't have many pictures (only can take pictures of certain things) but we will forever have the great memory.
Where they let water on the ship to load other ships on board.


What a great day we had a SeaWorld I do believe the adults had just a much fun as the kids. Between all the shows, rides, and exhibits we were running all day long.
The kids with Shamoo
The Atlantis Ride
The boys getting wet at the Shamoo Show.
The look on my face cracks me up. It was so dang fun but cold.
Yep just a little wet don't you think? Maybe a second ride was not the best idea.
Trying to dry off and warmed up.

Early Morning Beach Fun

It was so nice being right on the beach we could head over there before taking off for the day. Sorry for all the pictures.
I love the look of this the sand on this beach had a lot of black with gold colored flakes in it.
The Hubby and I
Miss M and The Hubby
Our home for the week.
Playing catch.

The Zoo

We headed to the San Diego Zoo to see all the animals.
My monkey kids
Trying not to get wet.

Beach Day

The condo we stayed in was just across the street from the beach perfect is all I can say. The kids had a wonderful time playing in the water the adults didn't venture in past their knees it was to cold for us old people :) Here are a few pictures from the day.
Beautiful morning.
Oh boy does that look cold.
Getting ready to get wet again.
A friend in the water.
Beautiful evening sunset what a great way to finish a wonderful day at the beach.
My Mom and the kiddos.
Going out to play on the boggy boards.

Disneyland/California Adventure

We spend a day at Disneyland/California Adventure what a great time we had well until the last ride Ty could have killed his mother in law hahaha I will try and get a copy of the picture for the proof. I will tell you about that a little later. Sorry for the order of the pictures I was having some technical problems and the computer won.
My Family
So on to wanting to kill the mother in law :) The hubby does not at all one bit like roller coasters or anything that drops you well lets just say anything he does not have some control over. So the last ride of the night we wanted to go on The Hollywood Tower Of Terror I have never been on it and my mom said oh it not that bad lets just go so we all get in line and convinced my hubby that it's really not that bad come on. Well long story short the hubby well and Miss M didn't like the ride one bit. This is one of the rides they take your picture on and try to sell you, well when we come out of the ride and seen the picture we all about peed our pants. If looks could kill my poor mom would be dead. I do have to admit the hubby has got a pretty good death look I better not piss him off. My mom took a picture of it I will try and get a copy of it and get it posted. The poor guy was white as a ghost and cold/sweaty after. He states he will never go on any ride ever again with any of us.
This kiddos at California Adventure
The whole gang
Waiting in line for space mountain.