You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

May 19, 2012

The Tank

Sad day two weekends ago the tank (truck) at least that's what I call it turned over to 50,000 miles I parked just in time I could not do it myself I saved it for the hubby to do how nice am I.

Nap Time

One evening about a month ago my dad came over for dinner I had to do some work in the office when I came out this is what I found.

He was fast asleep in a very funny spot. The thing is he was the only one in the living room and he picked the smallest spot to lay down. Funny man.

Craft projects

Here are a few crafts I have been doing lately. For Mothers Day I made some fun mason jar solar lights and ended up making myself some too. For these jars I took mod podge mixed with food coloring and painted it on. It left the jar with a tinted stained glass look. Ripped apart some dollar store solar lights and glued then into the lids finished off with some raffia and WaLa done. I think they turned out great everyone loved them and they look great hung on my back deck.

The picture don't do the lights justice they reflect the light and make a beautiful pattern.

In the process I made some light jars with some acrylic paint. I took a vinyl star and applied to each jar then took some red, white, and blue paint and painted stripes on each jar. Once dry I removed the vinyl stars glued the solar lights to the top of each jar added raffia. Here is the finished product. Love them!

I have made some wood plaques for a wall I'm putting together for my house. I will also post some picture of the finished wall when I'm done.

I as well did another fun wood plaque this one is listed in my Etsy shop.

I just love this. Sometimes we need this in the office. I wonder how that would go over.

Mothers Day/Birthday Gift

For Mothers Day all I wanted was a bike that I could ride without hurting my back (sucks getting old dang back has been giving me fits) I just wanted to go on rides with the kiddos without paying for it days after. We ended up getting me a nifty little bike that I love and ended up getting Miss M one for her Birthday. Miss M's is on the left mind on the right. Yep they are both granny bikes.

The Finger

About 5 weeks ago I was doing some yard work and got poked with something did not think much of it until it festered up I dug and picked at it for weeks thought it was getting better. Teach me to make my yard look nice. Well it ended up swelling up again so I decide I better get it checked out the Dr dug at it a bit then wrapped it up and told me not to touch that is easier said then done I'm such a picker. That night I unwrapped it and it was broke open and puss everywhere yucky! The next day there was something sticking out of my finger it was a huge sliver. It must have been pretty deep because between the dr and I digging at it we could not find it. Finally my finger is on the mend. The hubby says I should not flip so many people off and this kind of thing would not happen bahaha.