You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

June 24, 2012

Alpine Run

We made our Alpine run today. What a wonderful day with family. Headed over to get some supplies :) of course on our way we had to stop and get a square ice cream cone. On the way back we stopped below the dam and had a BBQ/picnic YUMMY. Loads of fun here are a few pictures ENJOY.

Grandma H , Miss M and Mr J enjoying a right in the Jeep with the top down.

The boys enjoying the ride in the Jeep. Thanks to my BIL & SIL the kiddos loved the ride. We really enjoy you coming this year love our time together does not happen nearly often enough.

Had to let them get their silly faces out of the way.

Three handsome little guys.

Now to survive this next week and on to a really fun filled Saturday next week. See you all then.

June 20, 2012

Garden YUMMY

The garden is looking good minus the weeds I have come to the conclusion I will never have a garden without weeds I just don't have that much time to weed but everything is up and looking good. We should have lettuce, spinach and radishes next week.

The raspberries are going to be loaded this year bring on the raspberry muffins.

Look at the cute little broccoli I can't wait.

Peaceful Evening Ride

Last night the wind calmed down enough for Ty to finish spraying a field so we headed out. It was such a beautiful evening.

Our ride for the evening.

Cuddle Bug

Bo is always looking for someone to snuggle with he is such a funny dog he thinks he's one of the kids well I guess he really is.

I just love this picture.

Can you find the kid?

Captain Underpants

The boys are a hoot always making us laugh. Meet Captain Underpants 1 & 2.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to Miss M she turned 13 a few weeks ago. How the heck do we have a teenager in the house yet?

Relay for Life

Friday we went to Relay for Life we all had so much fun and it reminds me of how lucky we are to have my momma still here with us today. It was so emotional seeing her and all the survivors walk the survivors lap and then walking a lap with her and my family. It is such a great cause cancer is such a horrible disease and effects so many people. The kiddos got there faces painted and were able to play with a few of their friends.

Clay and his dragon

Cars and his dragon

Mk was to cool to get her face painted but she thought a sticker was cooler.

It was a great evening and surprisingly the weather was great and there was no wind that never happens in Idaho.

Dirty Ho

When was the last time your spouse was excited about you bringing a dirty ho home well this wife was very happy :) We finally were able to get the backhoe home so we could fix one of our water lines and run one out to the outer garden. Love it no more running hoses across my driveway and it is so much easier just having water out there.

Just finishing up. So glad the hubby is handy.

He even got to dig more the next day. We headed over to GG's to fix some stuff up for her. Boys and their toys.

While we were there Uncle Brandon turned the water onto the lawn so the kiddos headed out in it to play.

We were very busy that weekend and got most of our big summer projects done. We finished up the dog run and got the back yard all cleaned up and planted. I will post picture of that in a week or so waiting for the grass to come up so I can show everyone the before and afters.

Finding time

Lately I have been having a very hard time finding time to update my blog. Summer is a busy time for us yard work, hubby work tons of hours (pretty much a single mom but I guess it is worse in the fall), ton of projects, busy kiddos, working full time (wish I could kick this one) and running my business which has become a full time job which I love!

Remember awhile back I posted a planter I wanted to make well about a month or so ago I got it made. This is my version of it and I love it!