You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

September 24, 2012

Lil Cow Pok Rodeo

After the second day at State Fair Clay, Cars and our nephew Mr J participated in the Lil Cow Pok Rodeo. This is the first time they had done this and it was so dang fun.

Mr J on Hey Barn

Cars roping

Clay roping

Cars took 1st in roping

Mr J barrel racing

Mr J again

Clay barrel racing on Roudy
Cars barrel racing on Roudy
Cars took 3rd in barrel racing

Clay, Mr J and Cars the three handsome cowboys

State Fair

Here is State Fair pictures Miss M and Cars both did wonderful.

Miss sorting out her cow for stationing


Cars Man Roping

team sorting Miss M in the middle

chasing the cow out that she just sorted out

Miss M sorting

Miss Western Equitation

All lines up to see who won

Miss M right after taking 1st place in Western Equitation



County Fair

In August the kids participated in county horse 4-H fair. They all did wonderful and we ended up having 2 of the 3 kids qualify for state fair. They all have worked so hard all year long and have improved and learned so much. Here are some pictures of the event. I will apologize ahead of time picture overload.

Cars Man

Cars Man showing Roudy in halter

Cute bum picture of Miss M and Sissy

Clay riding Hey Barn bareback

Cars and Roudy showing bareback

Miss M showing in western equitation

Miss M



Riding like a pro

Working cows

1st place in stationing

Miss M hazing for Cars as he ropes


Cars and Roudy


Clay and Hey Barn

Miss M hazing for Clay as he ropes

team sorting Miss M in the middle

Miss M sorting out the cows

 Miss M

1st place in team sorting

You can't tell this momma is proud can you.

September 20, 2012

Busy Little Bee

My wonderful customers are keeping me running and I love it. Everyday my dream becomes closer to reality of being self employed and not working full-time outside the home. Right now I'm trying to handle working full-time, taking care of the kids, house, husband :) that is in harvest now (long long hours) and running a full-time business I'm one busy lady. But soon in the next few months or so there are some big changes in store for our family. My job in town has been very unstable for most of the year so I have pushed 110% on getting the business up and going so it would take the place of my income. Well folks where almost there just waiting for a few more things to fall into place. Exciting times.

Last nights orders the post office oh so loved me today. Hahaha.

My new logo up on the wall in the office. Lovin' it.

Miss M's Room

Miss M has been begging me to but a big decal up above her bed for the longest time. Hey they say the plumbers house always has plumbing issues. Same with an electrician has electrical problem at there own home. Well same is true for the vinyl lady it's hard to find time to do things for ourselves. Well I made time tonight to get this beautiful decal cut out and put up for her. She absolutely loves it.

Sorry for the post overload just trying to get caught up on our summer happening. Tons more post to come. Can anyone say picture overload?

Horse Evaluations

The weekend after Horse 4-H camp the kids had their Horse Evaluations to do so they were able to participate in the County Fair. They all did wonderful. Miss M got to demonstrate what she had taught the baby (colt) Miss M and my mom have broke this horse and at the time of evaluations Ranger had only had about 10 to 11 rides on her most of which Miss M had done. This young lady is so talented when it comes to horses she is such a natural. So very proud of all the kids.

Miss M on Sissy

Clay on Hey Barn

Cars on Roudy

Miss M on Ranger

Good looking Cowboys and Cowgirl. Proud to call them all mine.