You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

October 27, 2012

The Chop Shop

Well Ty's surgery was finally approve by workers comp and he went in on Wednesday. Surgery was successful so far all the pain in his legs is gone he just has a hell of a pain in his back at the surgical site. This is to be expected they are not very gentle when doing this surgery he has the newly added hardware of 4 screws, 2 small pieces of rod to help hold the screws in place, 2 spacers and a bone graft from his hip. It's going to be a long recovery at least 3 months out of work (this may kill him) he will be house bound for at least the next 2 week until we take him to see the doctor. Then very limited for at least 2 more week. Poor guy I don't envy him one bit.

Almost ready to head into surgery. Doesn't he look so happy.

My bed in the hospital for 2 night ugg I think my back may need some help now.

The surgical site. Only word I have for this is OUCH.

Home and trying to recover.
It is so hard for him to stay in one spot for too long but really hard for him to find a comfortable spot. As you can tell he's not a happy camper at all. And I sit here trying to be a good nurse as long as he is sleeping easy job. At this moment sitting on the couch blogging as you can tell and watching Duck Dynasty (this show makes me laugh so hard people doing stupid stuff) I will keep everyone updated on his progress.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

On Monday we had some rain that evening we had the most beautiful full double rainbow's. Sorry for the crappy pictures from the iphone. Could not get the entire rainbow in the picture and really can see the second rainbow above the bright one. It was so gorgeous in person.

October 14, 2012

Our happenings lately

So we have been super busy the camera has not been taken out in awhile so I'm relying on my picture from the iPhone so not the best quality. With all my projects, two jobs, three kids, a hubby in harvest, and fighting daily with worker comp about approving the back surgery for Ty it has been crazy. We have Ty's surgery scheduled for Wednesday so hopefully workers comp will go ahead and approve it so he can actually live a normal life again poor guy is in horrible pain. We should know for sure by tomorrow. In preparation of the surgery one of Ty's bosses and co worker are coming over tonight to give him a blessing. Please pray that workers comp approves the surgery and that the surgery goes well and is successful. Well here is all our happenings in pictures.

One dog on queen sized bed what's wrong with this picture?

Kitchen wall is finally done lovin the sign I made.

Old jars that we found in G.Gs basement I love old square jars.

Some stressful days followed by an oh so good glass of wine.

Some very cold mornings the truck telling me to drive with care ice possible :)

I had to live outside the box last week. I hate dragging trailers with a passion just not my cup of tea. But I pulled it about 40 miles from the house to where Ty was loaded it with sand and followed him back home. Here is the load I was pulling it was heavy.

The sand machine bite me ouch.

The pretty sunset to cap off a day of living outside the box :)

Kitchen shelf is all organized.

Storage room is all cleaned and organized as well.

First fire of the season. Oh it felt so good.

The bed/room

So this all started about a month ago or so. I came up with the grand idea that I was going to build the boys bunk beds. And this is what followed as I broke it to the hubby.

Sorry for the non proof read text messages I just type and send. Umm yeah as you can see that went well after he called me and asked why we could not just buy a bunk bed he not so willing agreed to let me proceed. As I thought to myself I'm going to redeem myself for an incident that took place 10 years ago when I put the boys dresser together and I was forbidden to build anything after that (although it really had not stopped me from building stuff) let me just say that the pre build furniture that needs to be assembled is not always that easy :) but if I have a plan in my head it will work out just fine or at least that's what I tell myself. Here are the pictures of what followed.

The before pictures

Lots of boy mess.

The lumber.

All assembled

Stain and ready to be put together.

I'm afraid there will always be a boy mess.

The finished product. I'm lovin it although the boys where fighting who got the top bunk because neither one of them wanted to be a pancake in the morning as they put it if the top bunk fell down. I think they may have doubted my building skills. I'm happy to report its been a week and no pancakes.


A few weekends ago okay maybe even a month ago (who knows)?!?!? We headed out to let Miss M sight in the rifle for hunting season it's coming fast November 1st or somewhere around that date I can't keep track of all this stuff :) she did good and I think is ready to go. We didn't stay out long Ty's back was killing him but it was nice to get out. Minus the wind was blowing pretty good which didn't help the sinus headache I was rocking. Here are a few pictures from the outing.

Miss M doing her thing.

Clay had to join in on the fun as well.

As well as Cars



Me trying to hid from the wind.

The not so happy hubby Miss M was trying to help. Oh and a lovely picture of my dads butt haha.

Miss M and I.