You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

January 21, 2013

Working Hard

Working myself into a corner.

Messing around

Miss M and I goofing off.

Christmas Night

Headed to Ty's parents for Christmas dinner as normal everything was yummy and we had a great time. The kids got way to much as normal.

Christmas Morning

Christmas has come and gone. We enjoyed all the time spent with family and yummy food.

Somehow I was up before everyone else go figure. My Christmas PJ's.

Where's my present mom?

Oh there they are.

Christmas Eve Cookies

Christmas Eve we decorated sugar cookies. We all had fun and made a big mess :)

Birthday Time

In December we celebrated the boys 10th birthday. How are my baby's 10 already?

Shopping With My Momma

The day after Christmas my mom and I headed out for a little shopping. Came hone with some cute stuff and had tons of fun. I may have been drawn to stripes that day.

Eight Years In A Box

So I knew this was coming one reason I cut down to part time to prepare my family for just relying on my business income and not the in town income. December 31st was my last official day working for the clinic they sold it out from underneath us without one word being said real nice I think. Fortunately the new owner has kept most of the employees we just have moved clinic's for a few months until the remodel is complete. It was a sad day to pack up all my stuff from 8 years of employment so many good memories with great people happened in this office. On to bigger and better the new company is great stress level is low not wondering if you will be employed the next day. Lots of new things to learn total different program to work out of but it's going great tomorrow will mark the start of week 4. On a side note I'm loving only working 2 days a week and my business is going great keeping me really busy the rest of the week.


The little okay not so little men cooked a wonderful dinner for the family last night. These little guys are such wonderful kids and helpers.

Craft Time.

Yesterday I completed one of my many projects. These are fun little jars for my kitchen that I etched I just love them.

Your Momma Didn't Teach You Any Manners

So I'm thinking I have a lot of post office issues. Last week I head into the post office with several large bags of packages. Well as I'm struggling to open the outside doors a gentleman let's scratch that term a very rude man sat inside looking at me trying to open the door. Door finally opens and I drop a package so I set all my bags down go back outside and get the package. I proceed to pick all the bags up again (man still looking at me) and proceed to struggle with the second set of doors. Finally get the door open and who decides to allow me to hold the door open for him as he walks through yep very rude guy. Oh my head about exploded if I was not still struggling trying to get inside my foot would have been up his ass. Really I thought most people had at least a few manners but nope this guy proved me wrong. So next time you see me struggling with the doors at the post office all I ask is please open the door for me I will kindly thank you for the help.

A little vent.

As everyone is probably well aware of postage will be going up on the 27th. The post office was telling me that everything that I mail will not change much but a few cents. Well I had a few moments to do a little research of my own and what I found out made me a very unhappy camper. My US shipments like they said will only change by a few cent but my international (Canada) is changing a whole lot. Most of these prices are going up by more than 100% one example is a size of a package that I send on a regular basis shipping cost 3.30 after the 27th it will now cost 6.91 (that's just postage not any shipping supplies) that is road side robbery and it chaps my ass. Yes I just typed ass that's how mad I am about it. I know costs have went up mine have as well but you can't tell me they have went up that much. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it beside pass the increase on to my international customers. So ahead of time (for the few international customer readers) I'm so very sorry but it's going to cost you more to ship my product to you.