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September 29, 2013

Summer Update

Hello all! Long time no post around here I've been crazy busy with everything in life. The kiddos are all back in school so maybe now I can get back into the grove of it all (I think it's a free for all around here in the summer).

We said goodbye to Steve the rooster he was a fun one but really loud.

These were the first three eggs my hens produced! It's like Christmas morning around here everyday now. We are getting anywhere from 6 to 7 eggs a day. Love it!
The 4th of July everyone came over to our place for a BBQ and fireworks. It's always a good time lots of food, family and craziness. This is a video of Clay having a good time with his sparkler.

Kiddos having a good time.

What happens when my dad and I go to the store alone? We get ice cream and eat it on the way home.
Horse 4-H camp
The boys getting ready to ring the lunch bell.

Pony Drive class (Clay)

Clay in his bareback class

Miss M & Cars

Miss M running poles

Cars running poles

Cars in his Western Horsemanship class

Military Drill (Miss M)
Water Fun
Clay first time up!


Miss M

Me (it has been 5 year since the last time I skied)


Cars first time up.

First time for everything I guess

Lots of Jr Rodeos

I just love this picture!

4-H County Fair
Halter Grand Champion Reserve

Cars 1st in bareback

Clay 2nd in bareback

Cars Ranch roping

Clay Ranch roping
The county fair winnings
Utah Visit

State Fair

Cow Pok Rodeo

Cars roping

Clay roping

Cars 1st place in roping

clay running barrels


Clay helping Mr. J run barrels

This just makes my heart full seeing Clay help like this.

Cars running barrels


Clay 3rd in barrels

The three cowboys!
The stove ugh what can I say the glass top on our old one was broke in the process of replacing the microwave. So we ended up replacing the stove as well needless to say the checkbook did not like us very much in September.

Why yes sis please put that in the cart I need that later tonight since school shopping makes my head hurt.

Fun vinyl installs(I'm loving the clothes line)

1st day of school a freshman and two 5th graders where has the time gone?!?!?
 New Do.

took over 6" off and I love it!

Said goodbye to my meat birds had to get them all butchered before it got to cold and they got to big.

Fun times with the little lady!

Made a mad dash to Cabelas this is what the kids always look like on the way back plum tuckered out.

some snuggle time with the pup.
Well there is a rundown of our summer there was also some dirk biking but at this moments I can't locate the pictures. Wow that is picture overload there.