You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?

About Us

I've been married to my best friend now for 13 years. WOW time goes by just seems like yesterday we were two crazy teenagers without a care in the world doing stupid stuff. Nowadays we still do lots of stupid things it just hurts more because we are getting old.....We are still crazy in love and are raising our little family. We have three wonderful children Miss M and the twins Clay & Cars. We live in a small town and love it! In our spare time we love to snow machine, dirt biking, fishing and really anything outdoors! Between work, kids, and tons of play we are always on the run!

The maybe 30 year old
I do billing for a physical therapy clinic and have a side business as well. I love to grow my garden in the summer and canning all the yummy food in the fall. I live a busy busy life and struggle with finding time for everything I want to get done in a day. I try hard to be a good wife, mother, and friend.
Loves in life.....the hubby of course, sledding, riding dirt bikes, family, gardening, canning, crafting, photography, and much, much more!

The 30 something year old
The hubby and boy is he the best hubby ever. God knew I needed this man in my life! He is funny as can be and loves me for who I am. He works so hard day in and day out to provide a good life for us. He farms and loves it because he is a kid at heart and gets to play with big toys everyday.
Loves in life......the wifeee of course, sledding, dirt bikes, anything with lots of power, hunting.

Miss M
12 going on 16
God knew I could only handle on girl! We were blessed with a wonderful one. She is a tomboy most of the time but as well can be a girly girl. She loves horses to death and is amazing with them as well. She is the best big sister ever!
Loves in life......horses, dogs, dirt bikes, sledding, and everything girly.

The big 9 year old
He is such a helpful little guy. He loves to be outside and ride his bike and dirt bike. What a little sense of humor he has.
Loves in life.....dirt bikes, sledding, basketball, horses, anything outdoors.

The big 9 year old
This little man is such a character. He loves to play basketball and ride his dirt bike. He will find any excuse to be outside playing. He has the most evil laugh ever it is so funny.
Loves in life.....horses, basketball, sledding, dirt bikes, anything outdoors.